Sonneville International Corporation (S.I.C.) was incorporated in 1981 to pursue the worldwide development of the track system originally designed by Mr Roger Sonneville. Starting in the 1960’s Mr. Roger Sonneville together with SBB developed the first slab track system based on booted bi-block ties embedded in concrete. This system was one of the first slab track systems in the world and has evolved from bi-block ties for ballast track to the booted single block system Low Vibration Track (LVT) in use today. The outstanding system performance and the extensive experience of S.I.C. in the railway industry have seen our LVT system installed in three of the four longest railway tunnels in the world.

To improve the vibration attenuation of LVT standard S.I.C. designed a new generation of LVT called LVT HA (high attenuation). With this latest innovation the system can reduce the costs of mechanical vibration and noise emission.

In 2009, after almost 30 years and two generations, Bernard Sonneville, son of Roger Sonneville, sold 100 % of his shares of S.I.C. to Vigier Holding AG. After the company's relocation to Switzerland it became the SONNEVILLE AG and hence a sister company of VIGIER RAIL AG which manufactures various concrete rail products for the Swiss and European market. 

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