System LVT S&C (for Switches & Crossings)

LVT S & C is the LVT solution for switches and crossings and makes use of the well-known system advantage of dual-level elasticity. LVT S & C has already been used worldwide for a vast variety of switches and crossings.

LVT S & C is based on five different LVT supports, which differ in length and support stiffness. In the blocks, each dowel position can be realised for the required base plate in the turnout. This means that turnout layouts used in ballasted tracks can also be adopted on a one-to-one basis. For the LVT S & C supports type 1 and 2, standard rail fastenings without base plates can also be considered.

In terms of functionality, LVT S & C offers all the Advantages of the LVT Standard system, including effective vibration attenuation and reduction of structure-borne noise, exceptional lateral track stability, high track accuracy, vertical adaptability and low maintenance requirements.

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