LVT for Heavy Haul Traffic

LVT has been tested on a test track for heavy haul traffic with 280 million US GT
(259 million GT) and passed the test without any fatigue damage or defects.

After more than six years testing of a 250 ft (76 m) long LVT slab track section in the test
track at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado, the section accumulated 280 million US GT (259 million GT) of heavy haul traffic with axle loads of 39 US t (36 t).

uring the time of operation no fatigue damage or defects were detected in the LVT components, track geometry and gauge stayed in the tolerances of a Class-9 track according to Amtrak’s guidelines, without requiring any adjustment.

These loads also caused no significant corrugation or wear to either high or low rails of the track.

Due to the design of the LVT system the transfer of low and high frequency vibration caused by the operation of heavy haul trains could be significantly reduced from the rail to the slab.

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